Thursday, August 5, 2010

From the Mama:

My friend whose 13-year-old son died in a car wreck two week ago wrote this on her Facebook page about a dream she had where she saw her son again: 

"‎"I tried to get back to sleep to be right there again for just another moment with Gabe, but you know that doesn't happen. So, after a time of crying, I talked to God. He let me look at it through Gabe's eyes, if he returned. "I was there only for a moment!!! Why did you bring me back? It was so much fun!" Then I thought how cruel I would be to ask for him to come back. Though it's probably been like a moment/few seconds to him, it's been 2 weeks for us...and why would anyone want to leave heaven where they are finally COMPLETE and come back to this chaos here on earth? I wouldn't want to come back. Ozy, about a month or so ago, made a statement on fb that if he goes, don't ask for him to come back. As others have said, if we understood the beauty, joy, peace that awaits us (and BEST OF ALL, WE'D SEE AND BE WITH JESUS!) we would want to be there NOW. =) Thank you Lord for helping me through that one!"

Isn't she amazing! Here, we mourn those who left us and joined God in Heaven. We think about how short their lives were and everything they are missing out on here in this world and how unfair it is that we have to continue our lives without them. But really, we should be rejoicing! They are gone from the sickness and disease, the pain and suffering, the uncertainty...we want them back, not because where they are is so terrible, but because we don't want to continue living our lives without them.

I bet God felt the same thing, especially when He knew the agony Jesus would suffer before joining His Father in Heaven. I bet God, in His perfect loving way, would have rather not allowed Jesus to suffer so greatly.

I have a song that started in my head:

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