Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why bother?

Today sucked. I am so angry I can't hardly stand it. I feel like I was raked through the coals today and completely disregarded because I am bipolar.

My ex is a nut case. This guy has got to be the greatest con artist I have ever met. It just infuriates me. This guy lies, cheats and steals his way through life and when he gets confronted, he almost ALWAYS gets out of it.

I was granted a protection order some time ago because he was stalking me. It lasted for a year and it was WONDERFUL to have some peace. However in that time he violated the order on 3 separate occasions. I reported each incident to the sheriff's office. Nothing ever came of it. No citation. No charges. Nothing.

So, recently my ex began acting like an asshole. He'd been telling our children nasty things like I was a "waste of air" and "not worth [his] time" and even going so far as to say that I am a "selfish bitch".

Then the text messages started. Mostly him telling me that I am a "fucking bitch" which is his favorite thing to call me. I started ignoring his texts which only infuriated him more. So then he sends an email saying that I am a "fucking bitch" (in case I forgot, right?!!) and he hoped I was shot.

Ok. Calling me a "fucking bitch" is one thing. Saying you hope I get shot is another. I took this as a threat to my personal safety. So, I wrote out a statement, attached copies of the text messages, emails and also Facebook exchanges and I turned it in to the (same) sheriff's office. I was issued a temporary protection order and a hearing was scheduled. 

The first hearing gets continued because my lying piece of shit ex claims he didn't get copies of the petition I filed (which is BULL SHIT because the court clerk mailed it to him). So, fine. Whatever. They extend the temporary protection order to today.

Yeah, well, the entire thing was a complete waste of time. The judge allowed my ex to blame my being bipolar on all his behavior. Because I am bipolar he can call me anything he wants. Because I am bipolar, he can say he wants me shot. Because I am bipolar, he says nasty things to our children, which is in violation of our parenting plan, but hey! What the hell! I'm bipolar so fuck the plan.

And they wonder why women don't bother going to the police or courts when in domestic situations. What's the point? The batterer won't be held accountable, at least, not until the woman is dead.

Thank God I was approved for a concealed weapon permit. I hope to God I never have to use it, but won't hesitate if this prick puts me or our children in danger.

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