Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do they have to die?

My son found out tonight that a friend of his was killed in a car accident this morning. His father was driving, somehow the vehicle rolled and the boy, age 13, was thrown from the vehicle. My son is so upset. There seems to be an epidemic of children dying in car accidents lately. I just don't get it. How many people have to die before they make seatbelt use a priority?

Kids don't have to die. Buckle them up for God's sake!


  1. Is in not the law they have to buckle up? In Indiana it is the law and children six and under are required to be in some form of a child safety seat. I am so sorry for your sons lose.

  2. It's the law that it has to be worn, however it is a secondary offense meaning in order to be cited for seatbelt violation, police must witness you breaking a primary offense law first. They can't just pull you over and ticket you if they see you not wearing one. Many have tried to change the law and it's an ongoing struggle here.