Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who am I?

Have you ever had someone read your diary or journal? Or had someone spread gossip about you or someone you care about? Ever lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone and you can't say what you truly feel because it affects you or your spouse socially and professionally and the narrowminded assholes who think they own the town want you to stop raising a "ruckus"?

I don't like controlling people. My mother-in-law is one. My husband's boss is one. Some of the business owners in this tiny little town are also control freaks. It's ridiculous. I have another blog which I've had to make private because, even though I don't publish names, this place is so ridiculously tiny that people can put two and two together and figure out who or what is the topic of my posts. Then they spread it around to cause controversy. Apparently they have way too much time on their hands.

I blog to vent. Sometimes funny things happen to me. Sometimes (ok..often) things piss me off and I have to get it out I blog. Better to blog than to choke someone until they turn purple, right?

Oh yeah-and I am bipolar. That means you never know which "me" you are going to get...I guess that is what keeps it interesting. 

I know most people have a specific theme for their blog. Not me. I am way too deep to narrow it down to just one thing. I'm sure that violates some cyber geek's rules somewhere but they can deal with it or piss off. I'm not one to conform as you will soon find out.

With that I will close. As you get deeper into my organized chaos, you'll learn to make sure you pee, get something to drink and have a bag of popcorn nearby. And get ready to go on one wild ride.   


  1. Who said a blog should have only one topic ? lol I've called mine Touchatou, which when pronounced in french means touch everything. I'm covered ! lolll

    Lulubiz from swapbot

  2. I think you rock...i think it is great that you are able to talk about whatever is on your mind. I tried a couple times to talk about things other than homeschooling and it either caused controversy (although it did take me to over 500 hits in one day) or it just didnt make sense :) btw, i don't know how old your children are, but if you have any between prek and 1st, i am having a curriculum giveaway that ends tomorrow! ‎

  3. I agree with touchatou... that's why mine is collagecafe... ; ) because it's pieces of EVERYTHING that make me the funky fabulous woman I am... ; ) You have to do it for you!

    ...scatter joy...
    (collagecafe04 from swap-bot)