Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Controlling Stress

For me, taking medication consistently and on time helps. It doesn't help control the stressful things around me, but helps me better cope with the stress I experience. I hate that I have Bipolar disorder because sometimes it is so hard to control my thoughts and the things I say. Hateful words can burst from my lips before I even realize what I'm saying (at which time the damage is done).
I find that when I forget to take the medicine, I am more sensitive to my environment and tend to overreact to those normal everyday annoyances. I am too easily annoyed with my husband and kids. I then snap at them for the slightest thing...for instance my son called me for a phone number and my first instinct was to throw my phone across the room because people wouldn't quit calling me. I had to stop myself from slamming it down on the counter (it's one of those Blackberry Smart Phones) instead chewing my son a new one. I had forgot to take my pills the day before and started drinking alcohol which caused my mood to plummet. I am still recovering from that slip.

The medications help me not be PMS on steroids. This article explains, " Several disorders that are characterized by psychotic symptoms can be treated using antipsychotics. Some such disorders are bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and postpartum psychosis. Further on, they may be used as mood stabilizers. People suffering from chronic stress often experience extreme mood swings. Antipsychotics can help stabilize the mood and help deal better with stress and related conditions."

I underlined the part about people having extreme mood swings who have chronic stress because that is definitely me. Most of the stress is beyond my control-really, who wants to have negative stress in their life? I have set up an account at Mood Tracker which sends me text messages every day reminding me to take my medication and to make an entry into my daily journal. It also sends alerts to my husband on his phone if I log a mood that is moderately to severely depressed or elevated (manic). The neat thing about it is that Mood Tracker also alerts my husband if I sleep to little (less than 5 hours) which is an indicator of mania and also if I sleep more than 10 hours (an indicator of depression). I can then print out a monthly chart which to show to my health care provider.

Ultimately I am responsible for my wellbeing. Just like someone with diabetes, I have to follow the regime and take care of myself. When I don't, not only do I suffer, but I cause the suffering of those around me and THAT sucks!


  1. Hi! I am pretty sure I already told you this but there was some confusion on my part and I missed several of the people I was supposed to follow on the swap bot blogger follower swap. So I am telling everyone again. I am following you! I appologize for the confusion. :)

  2. I envy those people that let stress pass over their heads... As if nothing could change their mood...

  3. I really like seeing how bipolar affects you and the people around you. Thank you for being so open. (I worked with people with dual-diagnoses for 15 years and never really understood their perspectives.)