Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time for a Protection Order

My ex has really been escalating the past few weeks. Between text messages, voice mails and Facebook, he's made it pretty clear how he feels about me. Last night, however, he really crossed the line.

You'll recall at the beginning of the month that my account got hacked on Facebook and my Yahoo account. That crazy email was also sent to my ex. Last night I discovered an email sent by him earlier in the evening in response to the one sent out by my hacker. The reply said, "Stay in eurpoe u fuckn bitch hopefully u get shot." Reading this made my stomach turn.

He also sent a friend request to my oldest daughter who has never really had any contact with him in ten years. He believes we have a new phone number and was trying to get it out of her. We don't have a "real" phone number so she had no idea what he was talking about. I had her delete him from her friends list and block him.

Harassing my father on Facebook was his next logical step. He sent a friend request and my father immediately shut him down. I gotta admit, my father's reply to it did make me smile, "pay your child support dirtbag" which my ex responded to very negatively. Unfortunately the harassment continued so my father deleted his own Facebook profile (which really ticks me off).

Of course I have many text reminders from him that I am a "fuckn bitch". And we can't forget the statements he's made to my kids about me "not being worth [his] time" and that I am "a waste of air".

So, now's the time to reinstate the no contact order. It's really sad. I don't know why he can't just grow up and be civil. Why does he have to do these things to my kids, my family and me?

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