Friday, May 28, 2010

Prick Olympics?

I'm certain my fucktard of an ex could take the gold medal. He sent a friend request on Facebook to my oldest daughter (who is not his child and has had almost zero contact with him ever) because he is convinced I gave him a fake phone number (never mind that he just called the kids on it two days ago.) Then he sends a friend request to MY FATHER! So my father gives the perfect reply to this ass's friend request, "Pay your child support dirt bag!" Sometimes it just pays to have an alcoholic for a father, LOL!

I am really irritable tonight and finding myself wanting to drink. I do have a bottle of Arbor Mist (which really isn't alcohol IMO) but I just am not in the mood for wine. I don't-not let me correct that-I won't go to the store and buy some beer. I am on day 2 of my period and am agitated and I know it will just make me crash into a mixed episode.

My soldier has finally answered an IM. I am shocked. He is not doing well after his deployment. I figured as much but he says he is getting help. I hope he isn't lying about it. I miss talking with him. Probably not a good thing. It's hard not to. My husband is basking in his glory after getting the award in Washington D.C. and is too busy making lesbian coworkers jealous of him getting a photo and autograph from Abby (Pauley Perette) from NCIS (amongst other celebs). He just doesn't seem to think about me much...

Maybe I am selfish. Maybe I want or expect too much from my husband. I don't know. I am dissatisfied, that's for sure but I am not sure if it is him or what?

I did have a great birthday. And he was thoughtful and full of surprises. I was actually a little suspicious because he not only got an unexpected gift, he also got one for me from all four kids AND he ordered a cake.  Can someone say "Holy Shit!" This is the same man who hasn't done gifts even for Christmas or my previous birthdays. He was ALWAYS it was an afterthought. It would hurt so bad.

But this year, he not only did all of that but he also got things I would like...that were really for me! That makes me think I am being a picky bitch. But man, some days I feel so far down the food chain from him that I wonder if he even notices me...

I hate being on my period. It makes my mind so crazy.

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