Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eh Today...

Not up. Not down. Just "eh".

I saw my oldest daughter today. She went to stay with friends of mine up north to get some "intervention". She is doing really good and I was glad to see her happy, relaxed and smiling. I felt a little awkward and she did too...a little. One the drive home I felt like crying a little because I do miss her. That and Aunt Flow has been hanging around the last few days.

My hubby finally fixed the dryer yesterday. So my goal for today was to conquer the laundry which has procreated faster than freaking rabbits! I hate doing laundry but I hate laundry piling up even more than I hate doing it.

So, we leave for Washington D.C. on Sunday-Mother's Day. I am not sure how I feel about it. Money is so tight. I want to go but then again I don't. I'm still adjusting to the increase in mood stabalizer so I don't feel full blown depressed at this point...but I don't feel fantastic either. Now I understand what my PNP meant when she said some patients don't take their pills because they like mania. I'll take manic over this anyday!

I finished two classes and have three to go. As usual I'm procrastinating. I have a couple exams and two or three papers to write. I just can't do it in a messy house especially knowing that my father is showing up in 3 days. If only I didn't live with distant members of the pork family...

Well, time to restart the dryer. I'm kicking ass today with have to actually put all the crap away...WORST part I think!

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