Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Facebook Status'

I think I am having a bit of a mixed episode. I am irritable and depressed but hypomanic...I'm going nuts here. I think I need to have the meds adjusted again...I don't know. I never feel like this when I see my nurse..
Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Facebook statuses from Status Shuffle:

You know, if you keep trying to push my buttons, you might push the one that makes me bitch slap you. Now THAT would be funny...

Bipolar Rollercoaster's status has been brought to you today by the letter's "F" and "U", as well as the number "2"

Hey asshole...How about a tall glass of shut the fuck up?

Bipolar Rollercoaster thinks too many people are walking around out there; not-medicated, unsupervised and affecting her life.

Bipolar Rollercoaster is not bitchy, she just wasn't taught to say "Fuck You" politely.

Bipolar Rollercoaster is sorry you couldn't come last night...but your boyfriend did...Twice

Bipolar Rollercoaster thinks you should put a condom on your head-if you're gunna act like a dick, you should look like one too.

Stop the world I want off!

Bipolar Rollercoaster...may come across as a stressed, crazy, bi-polar maniac. But underneath, stands a strong, intelligent woman who is at a crossroad in her life right now

Bipolar Rollercoaster says if the broom fits... ride it!!

Bipolar Rollercoaster needs a punching bag...Any Volunteers? Apply below...

Mommy needs a Time Out. Send me to my room. Please.

Personally, I like you, but the voices in my head think you're an asshole.

Bipolar Rollercoaster is going to go running through the street naked while throwing Skittles at everyone screaming, "TASTE THE FREAKING RAINBOW!"

If I have to hear one more dramatic outburst...I will come to your house, scream out all of your secrets and then taze you in the throat, call 911 and leave.

Yes, I'm Irish, but I swear if u pinch me this leprechaun will go Jolly Green Giant on your ass.

Sure I will admit it, I still miss my ex sometimes...but my aim is improving everyday!

Bipolar Rollercoaster thinks that the courts should up with a new charge just for my ex-husband...FELONY STUPID works for me!

Bipolar Rollercoaster thinks her ex is number one in the top five stupidest things I've ever done!

Bipolar Rollercoaster's friend said to her yesterday "I bumped into your ex today." I said, "if you were a true friend you would have reversed the car and hit him again!"

Today's mood is sponsored by Midol...the pain reliever women use most to alleviate the urge to choke someone!

Bipolar Rollercoaster just woke up in one of those "don't touch me, talk to me or even look at me" moods

Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about men :-(

Bipolar Rollercoaster is sick of living her own Lifetime Original Movie. she'd rather be in some Disney film with talking animals!

I don't need anger management, I just need all the annoying dickheads to leave me alone!!!

I'm not alone cause I have an active imagination, I'm not crazy cause I take the right pills...

Bipolar Rollercoaster..has been naughty and is sooo in need of a time out..I'm sending myself to my room with no kids, dog, TV, phone, noise or stress!!

Tough people are not born; they are made when no one is there for them to wipe their tears...

Note To the Happy Ending Fairy: I'm going to bed soon, if you wouldn't mind sprinkling some of your magic dust over me while I sleep, it'd be much appreciated...

Bipolar Rollercoaster wants to know if there are any men out there that actually know how to treat a woman? Or have I moved to Pricksville without realising it???

Bipolar Rollercoaster realizes that sometimes the one you think is your knight in shining armour might actually turn out to be a retard in tin foil!

Bipolar Rollercoaster says.. Congratulations! You are officially the biggest dickhead I have ever met..!

KNOWN FACT!!! Skinny jeans do NOT..make you look skinny if you are fat!!!

*Sigh* I feel better now. It's impossible to read most of these and not smile! ;)


  1. Hey saw you on swap-bot. I'm Saristotle. Looking forward to reading your blog!!!

  2. I'm from Swap-bot; I'm VenusDesigns. I love this latest post! Cracked me up, especially since I am Bipolar!
    Great work!

  3. ahhh, thanks. I needed a good laugh.