Thursday, May 6, 2010

Facebook & Yahoo HACKED!

Oh I am freaking pissed! Some asshole hacked my Facebook account and an old Yahoo email account that I use for spam mail. A mass email was sent out to my family and friends:

"I am caught up in a real mess and i need your help. I'm sorry I didn't inform you about my trip ,I had a trip to the London,United Kingdom and a bizarre thing happened to me.I was mugged at gun point last night, the muggers carted away with all my belongings excluded my passport.Cell,c-card,cash and some important documents are all gone.

I was able to make contact with the Uk Police and i was directed to the Embassy, but they seems to be taking things too slow. So i have limited access to emails for now, please i need you to lend me some money so i can make arrangements and return back I am full of panic now,the police only asked me to write a statement about the

incident and directed me to the embassy,i have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively, I will return the money back to you as soon as i get home, I am so confused right now.i wasn't injured because I complied immediately.I can't cry cause that won't solve my problem, please come to my Aid

I need your help so urgently.. My flight leaves pretty soon but i am having problems sorting out the hotel bills and also need getting my ticket straightened out. I need your help. I need a quick loan to get things fixed out here, I promise to refund as soon as i get back home.. please reply asap. so i can tell what to do and how to get the money to me..

Hope to read from you soon.."

Then it is signed with my first and last name. UGH!!! Even more creepy is that a friend of mine was on Facebook when the person who hacked my Facebook IMed her and started telling her about being "mugged at gunpoint" etc. She said I seemed mad at her and then I deleted her. So she called me, upset, wanting to know what she did wrong. At the same time, my sister is texting me wanting to know WTF and here I am changing passwords and doing damage control.

THANKFULLY Facebook caught it VERY quickly and disabled my account. I went ahead and disabled my Yahoo account and changed all of my other accounts that had it as an alternate email address for password recovery.

UGH I hate cyberassholes!


  1. That's super crappy. At least with the Nigerian lottery thing one can avoid it, but the fact that they IMd someone you knew makes them seem like even bigger a-holes.

  2. IMing someone directly while hacking into your account? Wow! That's both gutsy and incredibly stupid. I hope he/ she is caught soon!