Monday, May 3, 2010

Winding Down...Caitlin Update

This is my last week of school (THANK GOD!) and I've decided to take the summer off. I'm burnt out and three of my four children decided that they want to homeschool so I've need to prepare for having two 5th graders (one who has an IEP) and a 9th grader.

I sent my oldest daughter up north to a ranch owned by friends of mine. She was really getting influenced by her peers in public school and going down the wrong path. I'm sure you recall my rant last month about "Teenagers SUCK". Well this daughter is the main character in that entry.

Anyway, I've pulled her out of public school against her will. She left to go to the ranch on Friday. I am happy to say that I spoke to her yesterday and she already sounds like her old self before public school wrecked her. And I am happy to say that she has already made up her mind to homeschool and she is having a GREAT time on the ranch. She is taking care of (and learning how to break) a baby quarterhorse (A cute little pinto) and a goat that is expected to have kids anyday. In addition to that she has to take care of the chicken, including gathering eggs which she loves except for one rather crabby hen.

The family has foster children...a couple infants and a pregnant teen. My daughter loves babies (but doesn't want any right now) so is in heaven helping out there. Seeing someone so close in age to her who is already pregnant is a real eye-opener and I am glad she is there to witness first hand how much it sucks being a pregnant teen.

These friends of mine have homeschooled all of their children. They are a traditional Christian family who truly live a Christ-centred life. That's not to say that they are narrow-minded fundamentalists. They just have the traditional morals and values that I want my children to have. It's hard to have that here at home since my husband isn't a very active almost defeats the purpose. But we try.

Anyway, I'm leaving this weekend for Washington D.C. I would love to say I am excited but honestly, I'm not. Money is really tight and I don't know how we are going to pull this off and pay all of the bills too. My husband refuses to get stressed about it but I think he's trying to put on a calm face for my benefit. He's worked some overtime but I don't know if it will be enough.

Ok, update on Caitlin. She is still in the hospital and her mom is still in the Ronald McDonald house. If anyone gets the opportunity or inspiration, PLEASE collect pop tabs or make a donation. My friend has had to utilize them a few times now and it really is a great charity. You can call the main office closest to you and they will send you these cute cardboard houses to put pop tabs in. My daughter did it one year for a Girl Scout project, placing a house in every bar and casino in town!

As for me, I am doing much better now that my meds have been changed. I was SO depressed that I didn't want to even get out of bed. I am so far behind on may obligations and I feel like crap for it. I've got to get my ass in gear and get caught up. UGH, did I mention I HATE being bipolar? I don't know how I am ever going to recover my reputation with having let down so many people.


  1. I hate beeing depressed too... But I try to explain to people why I let them down and why I don't want more obligations...

    I am really tight on money right now too... Tried to get a calm face about it too but my man blow a fuse for me not caring about it... Had to change the way I dealt with it and show my fears more...

    I am so glad for your daughter ! Living with animals has so much recovery power !

  2. I read your blog. Go have fun in Washington!Think Positive! what have You got to loose ? :-)
    I have spent years dealing with depression and still do at times. I have refused diagnosis ,tired of being a genny-pig . SO now I stay away from the world as much as allowed,a recluse in my garden and woods is my mall. and do a depressing of my own! I press my flowers and then Depress them tee hee ! I have turn obsessive with it and it has turned my life around.
    I get most of my socializing on this machine. it may sound weird but it works for me. i believe that is the key, Find what works for You and screw the rest.
    I am from swapbot . I found where you had posted on an expired swap for followers. so I decided to come check it out ?
    I recognized your name from the forums.
    i am going to follow your blog would love for you to do the same. Peace and happy blogging!,flowerimpressions