Monday, April 19, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

So, it's 11 days until my husband's birthday (May 1st). 20 days until Mother's Day (May 9th) when we live for Washington D.C. Which means it is 24 days until our 10th anniversary when we come back from D.C. (May 15th) and as if May couldn't be anymore a party month for us, 35 days until my birthday on May 24th! Don't forget Memorial Day too! If we were in college we would probably spend the month drunk, LOL. But at almost 37 (him) and me almost 33, those days are long gone. We can't party like rockstars anymore...the closest we get is last night's BBQ with some friends and SingStar on the PS3!

So, my hubby gets a call from the association that is presenting him with an award next month-hence our trip to D.C. They wanted my social security number for a federal background check. Reason is because we will be taken to the Rose Garden at the White House where my husband will be addressed by the President in addition to Fmr. Pres. Bush (junior) and Fmr. Pres. Clinton (NOT Hillary, LOL!) I believe we will have a private tour of the White House as well. There is supposed to be a bunch of "important" people there...politicians, celebrities...I couldn't tell you who most of them are. I don't follow politics and rarely watch television so I'm not impressed. I didn't vote for Obama and don't care for much of his politics, but I know meeting and shaking the hand of the President is a once-in-a-lifetime thing so will be on my best behavior (and medicated, LOL).

I am more looking forward to the evening ceremony. That is where my husband will be presented with his award. John Walsh is presenting it and there will be some of the cast from Law & Order and NCIS. The association sent a film crew out last month to film the re-enactment and to tape an interview with my husband to be airred at the ceremony. I am really eager to see how they put it all together.

We sent off the RSVP card for our tickets to the ceremony and reception. My MIL did finally decide to pay the $200 for her and my FIL. I think she thought if she balked enough that they'd just let her in for free. I was hoping she'd refuse to pay but my hubby drove over and showed her the RSVP card and made her write a check for the tickets. I could have killed him for that. There was a deadline for mailing it back and she was aware of it. I felt if she really wanted to go, she'd get the money to him for their tickets. I don't think he should have had to go over and get it. I don't get that man sometimes. He doesn't want her to go but he goes over to make sure her tickets are ordered. UGH!!! Why does he insist on torturing me like that?

I don't care. She's now talking about staying in Virginia because my youngest daughter told her where we were going to be. So, I decided that I am choosing where were are staying and it WON'T be in D.C. or Virginia and I'm not telling ANYONE where we will be until we are checked in, not even my husband. The only way my MIL will crash our "honeymoon" is to actually follow us.

Despite that, I still feel on edge about my relationship with my husband. Some days are great...others...not so much. The more I talk about leaving to another state to finish college, the more quiet he gets about it. I don't know what to think...I won't stay here with my MIL two miles away. I think he is waiting until the last second to make up his mind. Should I plan to leave without him? His going or not really is a big factor on where I choose to go...many times lately I've regretted reconciling and letting him come back home. Behaviorally he is fine...happy, cooperative,'s just this thing between him and his mother that REALLY bothers me. *Sigh* What to do?


  1. I totally get how you feel bout ur MIL. I dont know how you cope with 2 SET of twins. I have 3 kids; son [10yr] including twins[5yrs]. Bless 'em but some days aaargh!
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  8. Wow - Lol, Soooo glad I no longer have to deal with THAT kind of(proverbial!) You poor thing, my sister has bipolar and sometimes managing that is hard enough, never mind all the other additions life brings - MIL's are just beyond the border of acceptable though!! You have my sympathies.
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  14. Wow meeting the president would be so exciting! I would to have a nose around the white house, although I would be tempted to blank Bush ;)
    Teenagers are hard work, knowing how much of a pain in the arse i was I can't imagine how hard it must be being a parent. But I am sure that they bring as much joy as they do hassle. MIL on the other hand ;)

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