Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 2010

It's a beautiful day today! I love that we are seeing more sunshine and it's finally warming up! The kids are out of school for four days for Easter break and I am actually glad that they are home.

Last night we all watched a movie on Lifetime called "Amish Grace". Wow, what a movie! I wept through most of it. It was based on the story of a man who went inside an Amish school in Pennsylvania and shot ten little girls and then took his own life. His motive was to punish God for his first child dying 9 years previously 20 minutes after she was born.

We followed it with watching the documentary on the Amish shooting. I don't know very much about the Amish but was really struck by how they really practice what they preach. Even though five girls died, the day this shooting occurred, several of the Amish deacons, including one whose daughter died on scene, went to the widows home and offered forgiveness and support for her and her children. Such amazing love radiates from these people.

We have a kind of Amish colony here where I live only they are Hutterites. I'm not sure what makes them different but the dress is similar, they speak German, and they do not interact too much with people off the colony. I like to buy vegetables from can get a bushel of pickling cukes from them for about $20. They also sell ehhs, chickens, and lots of other produce. They are a curious bunch!

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