Saturday, April 10, 2010

I feel like crap

I can't believe I slept until after noon. It's no wonder I woke up so hungry that I felt like I could singly handedly empty the refrigerator. Probably partially from Aunt Flow stopping by for her monthly visit. My back is so sore. I'm not certain I moved at all last night while sleeping.

So, I finally upgraded to a Blackberry the other day. I got the Storm 2 which I like so far. It's quite a step up from the LG 265 and I'm having to learn the whole touch screen thing in addition to having a phone that does everything in one: PDA, mp3, Internet, shoot,  I don't think I have even touched the surface of what this thing is capable of. But I like it. The music sounds good with my headphones so that saves me the cost of having to get an Ipod Touch for working out ($250). I can sync with my Outlook 2007 so that saves from having to buy a PDA ($400), and I downloaded a free app last night to make my phone a GPS navigational system (my TomTom was about $150) and it offers more than my TomTom and is always up-to-date whereas with TomTom I have to connect it to my laptop and download updates. Not so with the Blackberry Storm 2.

I will have purchased it for about $100 after the rebate though I've had to sign my life away to Verizon (the next two years anyway). My husband went back yesterday and got Droid. I don't like that thing at all. It's perfect for him but more advanced than BB. I'm content with the BB and he is loving his Droid. It's weird that we have different operating systems but cool too because it's like we have the best of both worlds. I have the GPS Navigator but he has an app that shows you what constellations are above you when you point the video camera to the you move, the screen moves in real time and shows the star placement and outlines them and names each individual star. Not as useful as GPS but freaking cool as hell. I'm sure Droid has a navigation app somewhere similar to BB's but my husband hasn't found it yet. I want a constellation one for BB but haven't found one we have much room to learn!

Well, I'm PMSing and have a term paper to write so I guess I should get busy. I've kicked my family out of the house for the day so I can get this done. I will be so glad when college is over on May 9th!

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  1. I'm just happy a have a brand new mobile that's pink *lol* Would love to have a stargazing gizmo though :-)

    I'm following you btw ;)