Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teenagers suck!

But we already know that, right?

I had to ground my daughter indefinitely. I hate it. I hate seeing her cry and be miserable. But she SO crossed the line tonight--NOT even funny.

I was contacted by the police that my son has been used as a punching bag at school for several months now. WHY the school didn't call me to notify me is beyond my comprehension and I intend to get to the bottom of THAT in the morning. I support that they contacted law enforcement. I DON'T support them not clueing me in before I get the call to bring my son in to have his bruises, which he's told me nothing about, photographed for evidence.

His twin sister takes it upon herself to CALL HIS BULLY and inform him that the police will contact him for questioning. Her rationale...she felt the Bully had a "right to know". Words cannot describe what I felt when she said that to me....

Anyway, her cell phone was confiscated. Upon checking the text messages she'd sent to see what was really said, we find out one of her friends had been in trouble a few times for smoking pot, she'd snuck out of the house a few times and has been smoking cigarettes (nevermind that she'd just got off grounding for getting drunk with her grandmother and then went to church hung over!) Grandma got turned in to the police, by the way...

I seriously don't know what to do with her. Why she would call this little ass that has been terrorizing kids is beyond my comprehension. She couldn't give a reasonable explaination either. I don't want to be too hard on her, but DAMN IT. From my point of view, she basically screwed over her brother who has to face this little ass tomorrow after he gets done getting photographed and interviewed by police.

I don't understand. Can someone make me understand? The only logical conclusion I can draw is that teenagers are brain damaged.


  1. I thought teenagers where demons who took nice children's place for a couple of years... They terrify me ! And their logic... scary ! ;)

  2. Oh good Lord.... is there a way to turn back the clock or just keep them small? I keep telling my friend I will be shipping my children off to boarding school in 2018, when my daughter will turn 11 and my son turns 13.

    Don't happen to know of any good ones do you? I guess not if they are still at home with you.

  3. Hi!
    I'm queen elisheba from swapbot! OMG i have a 5 month old daughter and your story is giving me gray hair already!! Lord knows i was a handful so I can't even begin to imagine what I'll go through. When all else fails just do the "jazz hands" it throws them off everytime!

  4. hope your son will be alright!

    - memtree from swapbot

  5. I am reading these posts in order, so I hope when I get to part 2 some of this is settled for you.

    I think it is incredible that the school didn't contact you first, but is it possible that they thought it could have been abuse? Maybe that's why they didn't say anything right away?

    Your daughter - I honestly do not know what I would do about that. I think the fact that she did that is so sad. What about her family? What about the fact that her brother was being used as a punching bag?

    Good Luck & (((hugs)))