Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teenagers SUCK, Part 2

So, we went to the police station yesterday and my son was interviewed and photographed. We then went to the highschool and spoke with the principal and vice prinvipal. During the course of the conversation reference was made to my daughter's cell phone. Apparently she'd had it taken away at school the day prior and it had been placed in the safe for a parent to pick up. Interestingly neither my husband or I picked up the phone yet my daughter had it when she came home from school. Interesting.....

A little investigating by the vice principal revealed that my daughter's friend called her mother and asked if she would come and say the phone was hers so my daughter could get it back without my husband or I finding out she'd had it taken away. AND THE MOTHER AGREED AND DID IT!

I don't know what to say in regards to that...except WTF?

Then, later on while I am doing school work, one of my daughter's friends begin to text me asking if my daughter can go hang out with her, promising me that she wouldn't allow my daughter to get into any trouble...AS IF! I couldn't help but laugh.

Then today my daughter comes to me with a proposition that she'll clean the garage out if she can have her cell phone back. That was a big fat NO. I don't know what part of "grounded from your cell phone indefinitely" my daughter did not comprehend.

Oh yeah, and I spoke with her sperm donor (aka: father) yesterday as well. Filled him in and he actuallt whines to me and asks if she can have her cell phone to at least text with him. Are you freaking serious? Then he has the nerve to say that my son (HIS son) needs to grow up. I'm sorry...WHAT?!!!

I swear, friends should NOT let friends drink and date. If they do, friends should MAKE SURE friends don't have sex while drinking with their date. Seriously. Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder what the HELL you were thinking? I've been having LOTS of those lately!


  1. Hi im robotgranny from swap-bot.

  2. wow, that's a funny story haha...she really went and picked it up for your daughter? (not even to mention the pure foolishness of the school allowing students to happily pummel your son with impunity...) that's definitely something I could have seen myself trying when I was a teenager (like 2 years ago) ...but nobody noticed that 2 previously unrelated students suddenly shared a mother? smh...untamed stupidity lol

    (Oh, btw, I'm captNaj on swap-bot and regular aj in life :) )

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog : )

  4. Yikes, I can't believe the nerve of that mother! I'm not too far removed from being a teenager, but dang ... I hope I didn't give my parents too much hell.

  5. That's the kind of reasoning my boyfriend have for HIS children... He would let them do anything... But, as they are not mine, I can't say a word. Grrrrrrrr....

  6. Wow. I would be irate with the school for releasing the phone without proper parental permission and with the other mother for even thinking this would be okay. I am so glad I can live your life vicariously. At least that way I can check out anytime the tough gets goin'.

    Swap-bot as badk1ty

  7. Some things ( and some people!!) are so weird they just leave you speechless..

    Good on you for being strong in all this :)

  8. Just popping over to say thanks for organising swop - hope it's not been a headache?!

    Rolling my eyes as read above post!


  9. This is one crazy thing happening after another to you this week! I hope you keep up on the grounding!

    Teenagers are funny in a way - how do they think that they can scam a parent. As for the other mom, I would confront her & tell her off.

    Hugs, Amanda (amandalee on swap-bot)