Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Med Change/Prayer Request/Ummm.....

First off, I just returned from a 600 mile round trip with my best friend to take her teen daughter to the psychiatric hospital to be admitted. The daughter has had mental issues for quite some time, OCD type behavior with depression, severe anxiety and social phobias. She has struggled with hearing voices for quite some time.

Her PCP decided to give her Prozac (fluoxitine) to treat the depression. She also takes Strattera and I think there was something else...maybe tegretol? Anyway, for the past three days she has had a terrible reaction to the Prozac. She had suicidal thoughts. She believes in God but voices were telling her that God was fake and she should just kill herself. She was so upset. The voices had told her to hurt her family and she has had very vivid dreams-nightmares rather, of hurting herself and others. The poor kid is a mess!

Anyway, her PCP decided this was an emergency and she needed to be hospitalized right away. So we left last night around 9pm. We arrived at the hospital around 2:30 in the morning. By 6 a.m. she was finally admitted. Please pray for Caitlin. We don't know how long she will be in the hospital. She is very motivated and wants to get well. Her family is staying in the Ronald McDonald House but money is a big issue so pray for some help there. And pray for her mother. She has her own similar issues without the voices and such. She is having difficulty with anxiety. The family has two disabled boys who have albinism (they are albino) and autism.

I left around 8 a.m. to make the 300-mile trip back home in time for my appointment with my PNP. I was fortunate that my husband agreed to come with me. After discussing my struggles the past few weeks, we determined that the pharmacy screwed up on my prescriptions. I am supposed to be taking 150mg of Lamictal daily. I have only been receiving 100mg. With the cut in Wellbutrin it just caused me to slide to a low. So, we received an completely new prescription that clearly states the dosage and hopefully tomorrow the pharmacy can get me the right meds. We will probably increase the Strattera next month but for now she was more concerned with mood stabalization. I am okay with that. My husband was relieved.

What else....hmmm....well, I'm failing my college algebra class. My mood is still depressed so I don't care much right now, but I probably will later. Speaking of which, I have an exam to take... 


  1. Can't stand them, but can't live without them... the meds I mean. ;) I had some struggles with them too, especially when I took Cortisone for my back... it caused me to have suicidal thoughts of the heavy kind. Doctors and pharmacians should advise us better about those side effects.

    Poor Caitlin... I hope all goes for the best.

  2. I thought you were referring to husbands there at first, lol, althought that can apply to them as well at times!

    Thanks. Caitlin had severe anxiety last night and too 20 minutes to calm when her mom went to the 1-hour visit. I wish I could see her!