Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Old So She's Fat!

So says my beloved 14-year-old daughter whose been the main subject of my blogs lately. She comments to her friend that she needs to lose weight. Her friend askes why. She replies, "Because my mom can fit in my clothes so I know I'm getting fat..." Nice.

Mind you, I am 5 feet 2 inches (with shoes on). I weigh about 165 but am fairly muscular (I work out several days each week). I know I can't look like a water buffalo...I have way too many winks and smiles and flirts from men when I am out and about. On those rare occasions that I do decide to go have a drink at a bar, I rarely spend money.

But, according to my daughter, if your mother can fit in your clothes, you need to lose weight.


  1. If I could share clothes with my mom, that'd be great! Double the wardrobe.

  2. I want to laugh, but know I shouldn't. It only encourages the young'uns. swap-bot badk1ty

  3. No kidding huh! She's okay with her fitting in to my clothes...but me fitting in to hers...well...that is just gross (and fat!)

  4. That is so unfair !!! (is it not how they respond to anything ?) lolll

  5. LOL! You're a hoot! Can't wait till my now 7 year old tells me the same (insert roll of eyes here!)


  6. Oh teenagers.....they deserve their own zip code where they can live in their snarkiness together.