Monday, April 5, 2010

Interesting Development

My hubby received a reservation card in the mail today for the ceremony in D.C. There is a charge of $25 per head to attend the ceremony and another $75 per head to attend the reception afterwards. Discounted hotel rate is $199 per night. OUCH!!!!

Awesome thing is that my hubby's expenses are all paid for by the association that is awarding him: airfare, hotel, ceremony & reception AND he gets complimentary tickets for one guest, which is of course your's truly-except airfare.

So, my hubby called up his mother and informed her of these developments. He let her know that she needed to give him $200 for her and my FIL's tickets so he could send back the reservation card and get the tickets mailed to him. He shared the hotel information with her about the discounted rate, as well as the date and time of the ceremony. I could hear her response while she talked to my husband and she did not sound pleased about having to pay to go to the ceremony. It's probably wrong to admit this but I am GLAD she is pissed about that.

I'm sure that makes me sound like a real bitch. I'm okay with that. Especially since she prodded my 10-year-old daughter for info and found out we were going to stay in Virginia instead of D.C. (because we didn't want to run into them during our "honeymoon") so she'd decided THEY were staying in Virginia as well. So, who's the bitch now, I ask? Probably fair to say that we both are. I think bitchiness is the ONLY thing I have in common with my MIL...we're still trying to figure out who gets the top honors in the Biggest Bitch department.

Anyway, so we are changing our plans AGAIN only not telling anyone where we are staying until we get there. But, from her response today, I'm not so sure she's going to go. She felt that as "the mother" the complimentary tickets should go to her. I think not! I was surprised when my husband raised his voice at her and informed her that the complimentary tickets were for his "wife". Hearing him say that to her melted away some of the residual hostility I've held on to towards him over our separation. I felt like, for once, he was sticking up for me...putting me ahead of "Mother" which doesn't occur often enough for my liking.

Here's a little something I want to share. I'm certain some of you can relate:

I wish I knew who the artist was so I could give them credit.


  1. That's cute. I"m following on your blog now.

  2. Wow, I can soooo relate. My husband and I were separated twice, and I felt that he would jump to do anything for his mother, but he wouldn't do simple and necessary things for me. She didn't much like me, and us being separated only made it worse. When we got back together this last time, things were very different and my husband actually would stand up for me when before he'd be silent while I was attacked. Unfortunately she died soon after we got back together, and I know he misses her, but our relationship is much stronger without her influence. I am sorry to say that but it's true.

  3. I know what you mean Druid. When we were two states away, it was SO different. But now that she's two miles away...well...not so great. I don't wish for her to die, I just wish she'd stop intruding and respect our boundaries.