Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning!

It is amazing how much adequate sleep can do for mood! I feel so good now. I did start the increased Lamicatal though I'm not sure how long it takes before feeling the effects.

You will see above a new page called "Follow The Leader" on my blog. This is my final paper for English Comp 2. It's a bit controversial. I discuss Christianity and Sexuality. The gist of it is that we as Christians (in general) are not practicing what we preach when it comes to matters of sexuality. As a group, we have the highest rate of divorce, abortion, our teens are more likely to engage in unprotected teen sex, and we have over 50% of families in our group that admit pornography is a proble. Additionally we criticize, sometimes unfairly, the homosexual population. Many times we mistakenly assume someone who is gay is engaging in homosexual sex however there are in existance gay virgins who are waiting for that "right person". The paper itself was 12 pages long-double spaced and including my Works Cited page. If you get bored or are interested, please read it and give feedback. All of my information is based on studies, mostly from groups like Barna.

That said, I have an Algebra exam due at 10 a.m. today. It's a review of the 7 chapters we covered this semester. I also have a final exam due by May 9th that I want to finish early.I've decided to take the summer off and feel that was a smart decision as I am burnt out. I need to do a new FAFSA for fall semester and should get that done soon.

I was thinking about baking some home made cinnamon rolls today. I have a wonderful recipe called "Clone of a Cinnabon" but I really feel it should be renamed "Better than Cinnabon" because it is just delicious! And they are made mostly in the bread machine so there isn't the usual amount of work involved.

Hmmm....that makes me think....maybe I should create a recipes page. I have some favorites that are so yummy! I am all about quick and/or easy since I have four children. I often post what we are eating on Facebook and people ask for recipes. I find all of them online though didn't save the sources so might have to do a little digging so I give credit where it is due. I have been in many recipe swaps on Swap-bot as well so have amassed quite an interesting collection there: Mexican Lasagna; Ghetto Stirfry; over a dozen fudge recipes (YUMMERS!!!). Hmmm....I'll have to think about it. I would LOVE to receive some of the favorite recipes of my favorite contact email address is located on my profile but I'll repost here for simplicity: bipolar-rollercoaster [at] hotmail [dot] com.


  1. Follow The Leader sounds really interesting. I am going to take the time out to read it later!

    (DanielleJess Swap-Bot)

  2. Hi this is fii from swapbot and im now a follower:)

    Dont have a lot of time now but am very interested in your paper and will definatly read it next week.

    Take care
    fii - swapbot